Thursday, March 26, 2015

FAO Daryl Gordon - LODD 26 March 2015

FAO Daryl Gordon
LODD Box 8371  26 March 2015

Today the Cincinnati Fire Department experienced a tragedy in the loss of 
Fire Apparatus Operator Daryl Gordon.  FAO Gordon was involved in search and rescue activities
at a 4 Alarm fire in the Kings Tower Apartments in Madisonville.

Thoughts and prayers are extended to Daryl and his friends and family.

Shoes too big to fill that cannot be replaced.

Photo: Adam Lacefield
Daryl's shoes as he left them

The following information has been added to the Cincinnati Fire Department Roll of Honor:

Daryl Gordon
Fire Apparatus Operator - District 1
Died 26 March 2015
Fell into open elevator shaft while engaged in search and rescue
operations at a 4 alarm fire at 6020 Dahlgren Street