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Join Us...Vine Street Cemetery Memorial Re-Dedication 04 Nov 2015

Vine Street Hill Cemetery - Public Safety Memorial Restored

What:  Re-Dedication of the Vine Street Hill Cemetery 
Public Safety Service LODD Memorial

Where:  Vine Street Hill Cemetery 
(3701 Vine Street, Cincinnati, Ohio)

When:  04 November 2015 @ 12:00 Noon

Vine Street Hill Cemetery Fire and Police LODD Memorial
Courtesy: Cincinnati Fire Museum

       In 1980 Vine Street Hill Cemetery honored fallen members of the public safety services buried on their cemetery grounds with a public memorial.  The memorial included a bronze plaque that listed the names of Firefighters and Police Officers who were killed in the line of duty and subsequently buried in the cemetery.  At some point in the recent past the monument was desecrated.  The bronze name plates were pulled off of the plaque.

Vandalized Memorial:  Name Plates Removed
Courtesy:  Vine Hill Street Cemetery

     Members of the Greater Cincinnati Police Museum were conducting research related to the death of a member who was buried at Vine Street Hill Cemetery.  It was found this member was interred without a headstone.  The Greater Cincinnati Police Museum and the Cemetery purchased a headstone to honor this member and it has now been installed in the cemetery.  It was during the course of this research that the damage to the public safety monument came to light.

Vandalized Memorial - Detail
Courtesy: Vine Street Hill Cemetery

     The Greater Cincinnati Police Museum conducted research with the cemetery and Cincinnati Fire Museum to reconstruct the LODD that was vandalized.  The monument has now been repaired and will be re-dedicated during a ceremony on November 4th.

     The newly installed headstone for fallen Patrolman Frederick Karsch who was shot during a public disturbance on November 3, 1880 will also be featured in the ceremony.  Patrolman Karsch died on November 4, 1880 and the ceremony coincides with the 135th anniversary of his death in the line of duty.

Fallen Police & Firefighters 
Honored at Vine Hill Street Cemetery:

                          Frederick Karsch                                        CPD                             1880
                          Louis Klusman                                           CPD                             1896
                          John Schnucks                                            CPD                             1916
                          William Deiters                                          CPD                             1918
                          Richard Ell                                                 CPD                             1918
                          Elijah Boileau                               B&O South West RR                1919
                          Lt.Fred Hotel                                              CFD                             1920
                          Fire Marshal Peter Schraffenberger           CFD                             1922
                          Clifford Cornish                                         CPD                             1925
                          Engineer Albert Klingler                            CFD                             1929
                          Walter Commins                                 Wyoming PD                      1930
                          Lt.John Kuhfers                                          CFD                             1933
                          Charles Blymyer                                         CFD                             1934
                          Jesse Hicks                                                 CPD                              1935
                          Julius Mayer                                               CPD                             1940
                          Carl Hille                                                    CPD                             1942
                          Richard Spratt                                             CFD                             1942
                          Lewis Hall                                                   CPD                             1948
                          Lester Meyers                                             CFD                              1951
                          Walter Williams                                          CPD                             1951

Additional information about the above listed Firefighter LODDs can be found by clicking the link:

Additional information about the police officers listed above can be found on the website of the Greater Cincinnati Police Museum

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